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Will you like video clip? That’s great, I made videos where we review a terrible Tinder about me + share a fantastic bio!

Take a visit:

no. 1: The self-cockblock inside Tinder about me personally (BIG ERROR!)

I’m going to demonstrate the profile of a total stunner.

The sort of girl most guys would contact a



We correct swiped the girl simply last night to perform just a little

Here is what her profile appeared to be:

We blurred out her face of course. You’ll have to trust me while I inform you once I state it really is a lovely one.

But it’s not the girl photograph i wish to discuss.

Underneath her carefully picked photographs, absolutely a carefully created Tinder about me.


Let’s zoom in on that:

When I confirmed this profile into the men from the TextGod staff, their particular effect was the same as mine.

Master amount owner

Alright, cool.

College teacher

Alright, in no way positive what that implies but very cool i assume.

Dance enthusiast

Cute, seems female.


Alright she calculates, dope.

At this time everybody else I revealed the profile as well altered their particular tone of voice when reading the woman bio out loud. After boasting four times, people start to get frustrated using this book.

IQ 139, level 1.72 m

Is this some sort of laugh?

Trying to find a soulmate (aka the one who dislikes dumb hoes and areas genuine ladies as far as I carry out)

When her bio goes from ‘cool’ to ‘more dilemmas than Vogue’ actual quick.

My personal head made an instant link with this person:

We have several honours that I obtained using my 147 IQ (certified wizard by medical criteria)

(i am aware this screenshot seems like it can’t be real but sadly you’ll find entire collections of those. Discover hordes of nice dudes that actually book like this.)

High IQ dudes stating their own IQ in their bio or messages, are like reasonable IQ men revving their unique machines about road, considering they have been cool.

Oh wow, i’ll make love with that man revving their auto motor!

]—No woman ever before

Anyhow, I digress.

Back into this stunner together Einstein brain.




No positive individual that’s content with him- or by herself seems the necessity to meet the requirements in this way. What exactly is this person wanting to show?

Arguably a worldwide the fact is:

If someone else exhibits their own IQ without warning, they are likely moronic and insecure.

(Besides, it has been established that IQ is an incorrect way of measuring cleverness considering the range and many psychological skills men and women may have. The guy into the screenshot have an IQ of 147, it looks like his EQ is close to 10.)

Goddamnit, I digress once more. In which happened to be we?

Oh yeah, this girl’s Tinder about me example shouts



And that is just what the bios of numerous men scream nicely.

And folks do not want any one of it.

Just like
confirmed us. Pages with high degrees of SSP (discerning self-presentation) perform improperly in internet dating.

Researchers envisioned that high SSP users and high warranting (evidence to back up their particular achievements), is the best on internet dating apps.

But researchers had been wrong.

It were users with

low SSP

but high warranting that have been top.

Including, you write a blog site and also you warrant it by linking your web log.

Don’t boast about this, only suggest that everything come up with and provide people with a web link to your blog site.

(sadly for my situation, currently talking about Tinder and online internet dating advice tends to backfire from time to time.)

#2: Tinder profile text: Student instance

I will demonstrate another common blunder that expenses Apply Now for muslim men dating.

One you will be creating as well, and your skill about any of it and that means you score much more fits.

Look at this bio that your readers submitted:

Wooh, which is a lengthy m’fukkah.

Let us discuss it collectively, part by component.

While I had been young, women don’t like whenever I pulled hair… amusing exactly how circumstances change *emoji emoji*

Alright, not bad. Uncertain if you have seen this prior to, but We have.

Nevertheless lots of ladies on Tinder will likely be fresh to this range, incase very, it will probably will probably cause them to become make fun of.

In addition to that, it really is a great


method of sexualizing.

Sick of swiping kept

With this specific component, Julian is actually playing

difficult to get

. Ladies aren’t really impressing him, and he’s going to get a thumb illness from swiping left plenty.


1.93 m


Training every day


Considerably into private development

He’s large, he is jacked, with his brain is jacked too. Alright…

IG @blablablabla

The guy connects their Instagram, that’s full of pics of him undertaking all kinds of activities. And several landscapes shots.

Connecting your Instagram may be

among the wisest things to do

. When you yourself have quality content, subsequently she will be able to search through in your mind’s need. Without you getting a silly tryhard, uploading all pictures to your
dating profile
, doing all your best to look awesome cool.

No, perhaps not a catfish. (as much as i learn)

a variation of his “sick and tired of swiping remaining”, but just a little various.

He is mostly claiming “Hey, I’m sure this looks to best that you end up being correct, but it IS genuine. We exist.”

According to medical study there is a 90per cent possibility that the single cause you might be right here on Tinder, is actually for the benefit of mental confirmation. In this particular situation, there is a 99percent possibility we wont match in any event

Julian moved TextGod throughout the matter and did his research. He lets
realize that he is around their own hidden agenda. Him and the girls simply have
1per cent possibility of coordinating


What exactly do you think of this bio, my dear reader?





Typical such as the measurements of coach Dan’s donger?

A Tinder about me section such as this is… Overkill.


It really is like Julian picked all sorts of things the guy deemed noteworthy after which tossed all of them on a single big pile, hoping that any kind of cohesion is actually irrelevant.

The guy brings together a
funny bio
, with a conceited bio, which includes factual information on themselves (Don’t. Fucking. Do this. Much more about this shameful technique afterwards in article.), with some random fact about online dating sites.

I suppose had a reason to incorporate this haphazard reality to their bio. But I do not truly see what truly. Possibly they are filtering from girls that are actually trying meet up?

That which you can not see in this post, is Julian’s images, the spot where the pattern continues. You can view a breakdown of 3 Tinder about myself tactics within this movie I made:

He has got excellent photographs, but filled all 9 slot machines with photographs of him searching cool.

One position ended up being full of the hair-pulling line in the shape of a meme. Overkill.

To be honest, absolutely fantastic stuff inside the bio. We just need certainly to cut almost all of it and select one element.

He could simply maintain the hair taking joke.

This coupled with a couple of
good Tinder images
and his IG connected, will make a great profile. A profile that targets girls finding some fun.

Or he could share the systematic reality, and add a call to activity to it.

“Swipe right in case you are really selecting some thing significant.”

That would create their profile more appealing for women in search of love.

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number 3: Good Tinder about me for guys (My basic killer bio actually)

It’s no secret to TextGod audience that I found myself a virgin until I became 22, almost 23.

And maybe you’ve currently heard that across the time Tinder gained popularity, my lay number became quicker than a voyeurist’s shlong at an unclothed coastline.

All of it started when in 2013 We journeyed toward United States of America. Pasadena, L. A. is a lot more specific.

Tinder had been new, however it was already a hot topic in the usa.

Some women I came across revealed the application to my pal and I.

All excited, we quickly made a profile making use of their support.

My good friend had been the man in twelfth grade. He had been the real life version of the net

In case you are acquainted with the meme, then you can certainly picture that which we were like.

The Virgin had been all me, excluding the small dick. And that I never ever used New Balance boots.

My pal had been the Chad okay. He even met with the blondish locks therefore the blue-eyes. He was also naturally muscular and could bench over the typical fitness center rat, without education.

Whenever all of our female friends browsed through out pictures to setup the
Tinder profile
, it got confronting personally.

His profile was an instantaneous success.

My personal profile was uhm… quick shit.

You look much better in true to life than on your photographs!

” girls concurred.

(My basic Tinder day was not almost anything to compose residence about)


Oh apologies, fantastic sir. Allow me to get straight to the purpose.

Whenever I returned to
, we visited my parents.

I informed my mom towards Tinder application and this girls stated I seemed better in actuality.

And my personal mom did what moms are meant to carry out, she mentioned:

“Louis, you’re usually gorgeous.”

And that assisted me.

As it became my very first winning Tinder bio.

Here is what I typed:

“According to my pals i am a lot more stunning in actual life, but my mommy says i am usually gorgeous.”

And my personal goodness, did my personal suits boost.

And I also got opened once in a while also!

Exactly what this bio sort of did, is one thing Andy High from University of Iowa describes right here:

“you intend to balance what is great about yourself with some points that are not bad, but a lot more very humble or practical about yourself.”

And here’s the type of reactions i acquired with-it:




Why is it additional legit, would be that it had been actually predicated on my life. It wasn’t just copy-pasted from someone else.

This bio appealed to a broad market, it don’t target anybody is actually certain.

No category of girls got weeded on, no sounding girls was actually particularly dealt with.

Whenever occasionally, which is exactly what you need to be undertaking…

#4: most readily useful Tinder about myself captions

Within this tip might learn something that individuals who are currently in an union, usually desire they had recognized.

Something that has a large impact on how you will begin Tinder.

See, an excellent Tinder about myself for guys has got to perform a few things:

Make her laugh

Allow this lady to comment on

But most of all of the, it requires to



This is particularly true if you live in a big urban area.

Think of
, Moscow, Mexico City,
, Istanbul, The Friendzone, …

There are many large places with thousands of people. And there are outcomes…

Lengthy story shortest:

  • Big city
  • Many individuals
  • Big Tinder internet dating swimming pool
  • Many competition
  • An easy task to end up being just ‘meh’ and swiped remaining

But inaddition it implies:

  • Big city
  • Many individuals
  • Large Tinder online dating pool
  • More women associated with the market that is exactly the kind
  • You ought to attract just all of them, with

    a niche bio that filters your specific type

Notice me aside.

I solidly believe that option is an essential section of a relationship.

(and that’s incredibly distressing to inform those that have already been together for decades currently, however they aren’t happy making use of their commitment.)

Permit me to move this notion towards the work flooring.

Envision you manage your very own business.

There is men you woman you retained sometime straight back.

But recently it came to the attention that she’s got a sluggish and passive character.

Suddenly transforming this lady into a dynamic and proactive worker, is a tiring and time-consuming task.

It would happen better to merely employ a hands-on person.

And it’s really equivalent in interactions, if not with hook-ups!

When I’m creating this, the TextGod team and I live in Vilnius for a month.

To uh… explore their tradition.

Coach Dan returned from a romantic date yesterday and was type of disappointed at himself:

“Man… my personal first day on the night had been a girl we saw when it comes to next some time and she failed to want to make completely…”

He informs me.

“…So okay, that’s not probably going to be a hookup. Great, today i understand to get rid of texting their. Nevertheless now she’s texting me!”

You might state this might be a

selection blunder

by each of them. Because BOTH of them have squandered their own many important source: time.

Dan needed a quick love affair.

His time wanted a significant commitment.

This could sound terrible, but it’s the severe fact for many individuals on Tinder.

Obviously, a hookup often can become an attractive, lasting
. And a connection type sometimes only wants a-one night stand… But those create only a small percentage in the overall photo.

Don’t go creating a celebration bio when you are shopping for arty.

Cannot expect to
get laid on Tinder today
if your profile has an image of you cuddling a dog, you cuddling your child cousin, several motivational offer about obtaining objectives.

Understand what you are considering, and tailor the Tinder about us to bring in properly your kind.

no. 5: rob my personal profile text

For you I included a video to talk about a lot more
Tinder ideas
in this post.

From inside the following video We display my personal niche Tinder about myself.

It is rather helpful to attract just your type on any online dating software.

Take a visit today:

number 6: Five funny Tinder about me instances

Time for most funny Tinder about myself ideas for you!

Throughout the years, these traces are becoming property in the interweb, so content and take like there is no the next day.

I’ll throw them on the display screen in text bubbles, for the reason that it appears cooler than normal book.

This is fun if you are bending much more towards sexual activities:

I got a B+ in Human Sexuality in school, so let’s just state i understand my way around a

*checks defectively scribbled notes*


If you want to allow it to be TRULY obvious you are not wanting something major, try out this one:

I am on Tinder in order to make pals the same exact way I’m on PornHub to see the plumbing technician repair the sink.

In case you are upbeat and thinking about fulfilling the woman parents:

I’m the kinda guy you can take home to generally meet the mother. She’ll believe i am super funny, and pleasant… and pretty, but actually sort of hot on the other hand? She falls deeply in love with me. I… think i’m in the same way. We have married. I’m your dad now.

I confront you, “young lady why are you on Tinder?” you are now grounded.

Previously seen the good ol’ Old Spice ad? Or all of them?

This bio parodies the original:

Hello Ladies,

Glance at the last guy you matched, now to me personally, now back once again to the last man you paired, today to me personally. Sadly, he isn’t myself, but if he ceased leaving their bio blank, together with much better pictures, he could possibly be at all like me. Look down, support, where are you presently? You’re on tinder making use of guy you have always wanted. What is inside hand, back again to me personally. It really is a pizza along with your favorite toppings on it. Look again, the pizza happens to be your favorite dog. Anything’s possible whenever you accommodate me personally on Tinder.