This new Queen-mother together with had official requirements

This lady has her own separate judge inside her castle in which she was assisted of the female counselors and you will functionaries. She hears most of the official circumstances involving the sacred oaths of condition and contains independent jurisdiction over-all home-based things impacting feminine and you will people in new royal members of the family. On occasion, men litigants you will definitely apply to possess its municipal cases moved out of king’s courtroom into queen mom’s legal. If the she accepts her or him, following her wisdom try final.

As Queen mother, she actually is accountable for women governance, and introduced female together in order to, as an instance, brush the community. She performed crucial rituals to your society and you can is expose during the crucial ceremonies like funerals. It was the fresh Queen mother exactly who did most of the initiation rites; and all sorts of women had to be brought to this new queen mother when they started menstruating. As opposed to most women, the fresh Queen mother married have right to features products which have dudes from the kingdom.

The newest Iyalode, like the men chiefs away from Yorubaland, is actually a leader inside her correct. She had her own unique insignia out-of place of work which contained a necklace out of special beans, wider brimmed straw caps, and you can an excellent shawl. The fresh new Iyalode got her own personal servants, unique drummers, and you can bell ringers to mention the ladies of your own kingdom so you can appeal.

The Iyalode term is actually all-embracing. She got jurisdiction total women. She gotten the name Eiyelobinrin, “mother of all the feminine.” New Iyadole try the fresh chose user of all the female. Their unique condition try reached, not inherited.

The fresh Iyalode place of work are a recommended place of work that had having stamp regarding common recognition. She regulated huge financial tips and you can was well-known. Immediately following appointed, brand new Iyalode turned not just sound of women into the government, and also, the fresh new king exactly who matched up the facts.

The newest Iyalode paid quarrels inside judge, and confronted by female to see which ladies remain is on the like issues because report out-of combat, beginning of the latest areas, and administration of females during the regional accounts.

She is actually the newest honorary chairman-general for all women’s communities in the city

Since spokeswoman of feminine, this new Iyalode gotten use of all positions off power and you can authority in County. She exercised legislative, official, and professional energies which have men chiefs within council.

She got her own council regarding under women chiefs who exercised jurisdiction overall matters one to pertained in order to women. Their council of females chiefs was involved in the settlement of disputes between feminine, sanitation of segments, or any other ladies’ questions. The fresh Iyalode plus managed the fresh new areas regarding kingdom. Many precisely what the Iyalode you’ll achieve depended for the the fresh services of your Iyalode, her character, dynamism, and political astuteness.

There have been one or two fingers regarding authorities in the individual political constituency for the Igboland, the male therefore the female. Female regulators when you look at the Igboland is actually next split into a couple of fingers, brand new otu umuada and also the otu iyomdi.

Igbo ancestral shrine Onica Olona, picture of the Northcote Whitridge Thomas, 1914, marked once the public domain name, more info towards Wikimedia Commons

The new umuada provided most of the hitched, solitary, separated, and you will widowed daughters of your origin otherwise community. Its group meetings were held towards rotational foundation between your teams during the which they partnered. The effect is actually the creation of communications systems of women throughout the Igboland. This type of networks produced solidarity between female out of big parts you’ll throughout the Women’s Combat regarding 1929 otherwise Ogu Umunwanyi.

The most important qualification was the newest Iyalode’s shown element as the frontrunner so you can articulate the latest feelings of the female of one’s kingdom

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